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Cordillera HuayhuashTour type: Trekking
Grade: Moderate
Duration: 4 days
Best time to go: April - November
Departure dates: By arrangement
Maximum Altitude: 4750m / 15 744 ft
Average walking per day: 5 to 6 hours.
What is included
A trekking day with us
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Cordillera Huayhuash's short option, with this program we visit the essential of the mountain range, interesting points like Jahuacocha, Rasac an Solteracocha lakes; and have the views of the mountains such as: Yerupaja 6634 m / 21 760 ft, considered the second highest peak in Peru, Hirishanca that has an interesting history, Rasac, Toro, Ninashanca and Rondoy. If you love fishing you can take your fishing kit, in the lakes mentioned above there are trout.


Day 1: Huaraz – Llámac - Pampa Llámac

Pampa Llamac pass, Cordillera HuayhuashAt indicated time we pick up you in the hotel an depart for Llámac village 3300m / 10 824 ft; on the way we visit the towns located in the North side of Callejon de Huaylas Recuay, Catac, Conococha and after we arrive in Chiquian and finally we arrive to Llámac after of  5 hours, village where  we meet with the Arriero (Donkey driver)  and where we have lunch. After to have caried all the equipment on the pack animals westart to walk up to Pampa Llámac 4050m / 13287 ft, getting there after to walk 3 hours. Dinner and night at camp.

Meals: L, D

Day 2: Pampa Llámac - Pampa Llámac pass - Jahuacocha

At indicated time, after the breakfast we walk up for around 1.5 hours to Pampa Llamac pass 4300m / 14 108 ft, from this point we can see the West side of the Cordillera Huayhuash, after of a break and have taken the photos we walk down through a rocky path between trees to the banks of Achin river and from this point we walk up to Jahuacocha lake 4070m / 13 353 ft, place where we arrive after of 4 hours; our campsite this night will be set up on the shores of Jahuacocha lake having as background the Rondoy, Hirisahanca and Toro mountains. Lunch on the way, dinner and night at camp.

Day 3: Jahuacocha, visit around

Jahucocha lakes, seen from Huacrish valleyAfter the breakfast, we go up to Yahucha viewpoint 4600m / 15 092 ft, point from where we see directly the West side peaks of Cordillera Huayhuash, the views from this point are really impressive, we get to this point after of 3 hours, then we return for the same path, in the afternoon we go to Solteracocha lake below Hirishanca mount close to the glacier, where we can see remains of a wrecked plane in 1954. If we have enought time we can fish in Jahuacocha lake. Lunch on the campsite, dinner and camping night.

Meals: B, L, D

Day 4: Jahuacocha - Zambunya pass - Rondoy - Huaraz

At indicated time after the breakfast we walk up to Zambunya pass 4750 m / 15 580 ft, point where we arrive there after of 3.5 hours approximately, this pass is located near to Rondoy, Ninashanca, Hirishanca and the impressive Yerupaja, the view from this pass is spectacular; after to rest and have taken the photos we go down to Rondoy valley 4100 m / 13 451 ft, place where we get after of 3 hours more. In Rondoy a van will wait to take us back to Huaraz, passing on the way by Cuncush pass, place from where we will see closer and for last time the Cordillera Huayhuash, also on the way we will visit the Huallanca town, we arrive in Huaraz after of 4.5 hours more. In Huaraz transfer to the hotel. Lunch on the way.

Meals: B, L


What is included?

Meals Breakfast, lunch and dinner Breakfast, box-lunch and dinner
Transport Private Public
Guiding English/Spanish speaking Guide Spanish speaking Trekking Guide, who also prepares the meals
Camp Cook ok Not
Horseman ok ok
Pack animals ok ok
Emergency horse ok ok
Camping equipment Sleeping tents, kitchen tent, dinning tent, bathroom tent, mattress, table and chairs Sleeping tents, kitchen tent, dinning tent, bathroom tent, mattress, table and chairs
Kitchen service ok ok
Celebration meal * Optional Optional
Park fee entrances ok Not
First Aid Kit ok ok
All the logistic ok ok

* Celebration meal will be held at the end of the Trek.

What does not include?

A trekking day with us

Our cook in one of our trekking tours in Cordillera Huayhuash Around 6:30 AM one of the members of our team will wake up offering you a cup of hot drink; then when you have come out of your tent, a small bucket with warm water will be outside of your tent where you will wash your hands, then you will have the breakfast inside of our dinning tent, where you also have chairs and tables. At that time each client must provide their water bottles or other containers to be filled with cooled boiled water, water that will be consumed during the day while walking.

For the breakfast you will have different options every day, like: oat meals, coffee, milk and/or tea with a sandwich, pancakes, bread, etc. After to have breakfast the members of our trekking team (horsemen and assistants) take down the tents and put the things in the sacks and boxes to be carried on the pack animals.

You start walking around 8:30 AM, we usually makes stops during the walking depending how our clients feel, and in the places where they want to take photos, usually the longest stop is after to cross a pass, it is after to have walked 3 or 4 hours approximately, also during this time we have lunch, lunch prepared in the morning by our Camp cook and carried by a pack animal, also our lunch everyday is different, but it is very light, these would consist of fresh fruits, a regional dish and/or a salad, chocolate, dried fruits and water.

After to have had lunch we walk for around 2 or 3 hours more to get to the next campsite; the horseman and the Camp cook always arrive before of the clients, then when you arrive to the next campsite you will find set up your tents (double occupancy), the kitchen,dinning and toilet tents; and our Cook will offer a hot drink. In the campsite in the afternoon you have more time, then you can walk around, read, play...

CampingThe dinner is main meal during our trekking tour, because we have enough time to prepare it,our dinner consist of a soup, a main course, a dessert and a hot drink for them who want, the dinner is served around 7:00 PM. The dinner as well as the other meals are different every day during our trekking tour.

During the trekking day you don't need to carry almost anything, all the equipment as well as food are carried on the pack animals, you just take with you your day-pack where you can take your camera, a bottle of water and your the clothing to use during the day; each client can take maximum 18 kg per person during the trek.

If someone gets tired during the trekking day, he/she can ride the horse to get to the next campsite or to where feels better, we always take horses for it, what we call the emergency horse.

The Guiding service is in English/Spanish, all of our guides know very well the area and know the strategic points to evacuate if it would be necessary.

The tent we provide to sleep are 3-season tents for 2 people, quite spacious. As for the toilets , in almost all campsites there are latrines, for sites where there are not, we took a small tent for that purpose and we make a hole in the floor to make our physiological needs.

Weather and Climate

The trekking season in the Cordilleras Blanca and Huayhuash extendes from mid-April to mid-October. Though this is the middle of Winter it is dry in these mountain ranges because they are near to equator. The weather during the dry season is generally very stable with normally one or two bad days during the week. Freezing level is about 4500 m / 14 764 ft. - 5000m / 16 4040 ft. during the day, but strong sun can make it feel much warmer then this in the valleys. Wind is rarely a problem in the mountains during the dry season. Precipitation and temperature vary in accordance to altitude; the average temperature is between 9ºC – 0ºC.

Recommended Clothing & Equipment list


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